Should you use Instagram for your business? It’s not a trick question and it’s not a way to add more to your workload. Deciding whether to use Instagram or any other social media platform for that matter requires a strategy and a plan for implementation.

It’s not enough to jump onto every social media platform. In fact, if you jump on all of them and use none of them wisely you are not only wasting time and effort, you’re diluting your brand by not being fully engaged. Before adding Instagram to your social media marketing plan you need to ask yourself the main question in any marketing strategy: Where does my ideal client interact? If you don’t know where your client is, take a step back and get a better understanding of where your ideal client plays online.

Remember, you don’t have to be on every social platform; you need to be on platforms that make sense and on which potential clients are.

Should You Use Instagram For Your Business?

If you’ve done your research and know Instagram is a place you need to be, here are ways to make the most of your time on that social media platform:

  • Complete your business profile. Upload a crisp, clear company logo for your profile photo. Add your bio and use hashtags by which you want your business found
  • Have a plan. Don’t jump into Instagram just because “everyone else is there.” Have a marketing plan, strategy and success metrics in place. Know how being on Instagram will benefit your business and help you reach new customers.
  • Hashtags are a main form of conversation. “Claim” your business hashtags and use them every time. Also, have fun with hashtags. Search for hashtags that other businesses in your industry are using and use them. Get involved in the #motivationmonday or #trendingtuesday or #thankfulthursday if you’re going to post that type of content.
  • Use great images. Instagram is photo-centric and you don’t want to be posting blurry images or images with so many words that followers don’t know what you’re sharing. Look at other IG pages for inspiration.

Now is the time to review your social media marketing plan and make changes if you feel it’s time or if you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for. Leave us a comment and let us know if you need help revamping your marketing plan.

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