Should Your Business Be Using Instagram? This isn’t a trick question nor are we telling you to add an additional social media platform to what you’re already doing to market your business. But, that being said, if you have a business that lends itself to images then maybe Instagram is a great way to connect with your ideal client.

We don’t recommend that you jump into Instagram just because “it’s there” as you need to have a strategy in place for whatever type social media platform you interact on.

Can you monetize Instagram? Some business owners do, others use it as an additional place in which to share information about their business in front of a potentially different and unique audience.

Should Your Business Be Using Instagram?

 Here are ways in which you can jump on Instagram if it fits into your overall marketing strategy.

  1. Affiliate marketers seem to make income on Instagram. If you are an affiliate marketer and are making a commission on products you talk about, you need to make certain you use a hashtag to denote that (#ad #sponsored). When you’re sharing affiliate programs, make certain you’re also sharing relevant content, not just that of the “buy me” variety.
  2. Work with brands to write and share sponsored posts. Depending on your business niche, there may be brands with whom you can work, write a blog post and share an image on Instagram as an influencer. If you have a robust Instagram following, you may find that brands are anxious to work with you.
  3. Do you have products to sell? Launch an e-commerce store and build your business on Instagram.
  4. Become a seller or re-seller of digital product bundles. Again, sell products in which you’re a subject matter expert and sell products that make sense for your business and doesn’t dilute your message.
  5. Find a brand who has a great story to tell, but isn’t telling it well. Instagram stories is an ideal way for writers and storytellers to break in and help brands share their business story. You can write blog posts they can repurpose or you could write scripts for Instagram stories.

There are myriad opportunities to make money and to share your content, but you need to have a strategy rather than just throwing your hat into the ring and hoping for the best. Are you using Instagram? Do you need help crafting a social media and/or Instagram marketing strategy? Give us a call!

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