“Everyone is on social media” but does everyone use social media “correctly?” That is a question fraught with tension and a myriad of answers. We have social media etiquette tips because so much of social media today is a landmine. You need to know how to navigate it and you also need to know what stance you and your business is taking on trending and social topics.

How can you navigate the social media landscape to build your business, not break any unspoken “rules” and to not damage your business and its reputation?

Social Media Etiquette Tips

Here are a few tips we have put together to help you be socially savvy. Remember, you need to know your own stance on topics and whether you share those “out loud” on social or keep your business and your personal feelings separate is a decision you need to make.

  1. Talk to your community. If you share a post and people interact, you should respond. Social media is about being social, building community, having conversations. If your followers don’t hear back from you, they will stop interacting.
  2. Use your own words. Don’t follow a template for your social conversations. Be authentic.
  3. Add a profile photo. Determine whether you want your business logo — not recommended — or a relaxed photo of you or a posed business photo — that profile photo will set the tone for your interactions.
  4. Is your business of the upper echelon of professionalism or can you have fun on social with being “less professional”? Only you know your business brand.
  5. Be the solution. You won’t have the answers to everything, for everyone — nor will you be expected to. If your business solves a pain point, then help your followers! You don’t have to ask for anything in return; just trust that your expertise and solutions will lead to a deeper conversation.

What are your biggest challenges with social media strategy and conversation? Contact us — let’s talk. 

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