What are some social media marketing laws you, as an entrepreneur, should follow? There are a few and while you may follow all of them, some of them, or none of them you do want to remember that when you’re on social, be certain you’re sharing information that your ideal clients are seeking. Become their go-to resource.

Here are some best-practices you need to follow on social media.

  1. Listen. When you’re on social media make sure you are listening to both the online chatter and to what your clients and followers are saying. Create content that sparks a conversation, then interact.
  2. Quality content. Don’t always be selling. Offer information that sets you apart as the expert.
  3. Focus. Don’t write about cats one day, dogs the next, swimming pools the next, then move on to accounting, beekeeping and real estate. You see my point, right? Make sure your followers know what kind of information you will provide and give them what they want.
  4. Build on success. If you find something that works, do more of it. It’s that simple. Remember, though a massive social following won’t happen overnight. Slow and steady wins the social media “race.”
  5. Be an expert. If you’re an expert in a niche, focus on that. Become the go-to influencer in your niche. Focusing your efforts will expand your business.
  6. Be social. If you put up a social media post and people interact, comment on their comment. This goes back to number one — listen — but expands upon it. Be social!

Another law of social media is to be consistent. If you blog today, but then your blog sits dormant for a month, your readers will give up and likely won’t come back. If you’re only going to blog once a month, let them know up front that will be your schedule. We believe that blogging at least once a week is best. If you know you need to blog, but don’t have the time, contact us for assistance.


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