Social media is here to stay. Social media should also be a part of your marketing strategy. We have social media tips for start-ups that are ideal for any stage of your business marketing.

How are you marketing your business? Do you have a strategy in place or are you just “throwing spaghetti at the wall” and hoping something sticks and you gain traction? You don’t want to market and spend money on social media without a firm strategy in mind.

Social Media Tips For Start-Ups

We have some tips you can fit into your marketing strategy to make it work as well as it can for you and your business — whether start-up or a long term operation.

  1. Where is your ideal client gathering? If none of your potential clients are on Facebook, why are you wasting a lot of time and energy there? If they are on LinkedIn, spend your business’s time and money there. Have a presence on Facebook, but don’t devote all of your efforts there.
  2. Be consistent with your online brand. Use the same “handle” on all of your social media platforms. That may be difficult if your handle has been taken, but it is something you should try to do. If your customers and potential customers see the same handle, same colors, same marketing message == they will come to know who you are and to get to like and trust you based on your interactions.
  3. Have a plan. Build an editorial calendar for your marketing and follow it. Be consistent. Use hashtags to build your brand. If you are on social you need to be consistent and present on social.
  4. Use social media tools. If you have a lot of social media platforms to manage, use social media management tools. They make posting easy and you can sit down, block off time and get your posting done for the week.
  5. Be social. Even if you use social media tools to schedule posts, you still want to be involved and comment and interact with your followers. Social is all about well, being social!

Are you using social media to its best levels for your business? Do you need help with your marketing strategy? Let us know. We can help!



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