Starting A Business? Start A Blog. If you’re joining the ranks of individuals who are starting businesses this year, you will also want to count among the tasks you need to complete: Start A Blog

As a new, or even a long-time entrepreneur you’re probably looking at your calendar and asking yourself, “When will I possibly find time to blog AND what will I even blog about?” The good news is, there are many writers you can find who can blog “in your voice” and that will free up your time and your creative energy to focus on your business and your core competencies.

Starting A Business? Start A Blog

Here, though are the reasons you need a blog for your business:

  1. If you’re not blogging and not adding new content to your website regularly, Google and search engines won’t be able to find you. That means your potential clients won’t be able to find you either.
  2. People don’t know who you are, what your business is and why they should work with you. Your blog is a great way to share your business story and to help potential new clients get to know you so they want to work with you. Your blog is one of your best relationship building tools.
  3. It’s expected that a business will have a blog. In recent years, the reading and buying public has come to look for a blog when they go to a business website. They know that through the blog they can better get to know you, your personality and whether you will be a fit.
  4. Let’s look at the numbers: More than 60% of all consumers say they feel “more positive” about a business that has a blog; 81% of US consumers will trust the advice they read on a company blog; 94% of those people who read your blog will share that information with others – word of mouth advertising at its best.
  5. It opens the door to a conversation. Yes, you can have a conversation on Facebook or other social media platforms, but on your blog you can have a more in depth and personal conversation AND you own the platform upon which the conversation takes place.

Is there any reason you can see NOT to have a blog? If you’re stumped on how to pull it all together, drop us a message. Let’s talk.



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