Some things to consider when posting graphics in blogs.

Does Google love images in blog posts? Maybe. Maybe not. Do readers love images in blog posts? Definitely yes!

If you’re writing a blog post and are just presenting a reader with a “wall of words” you run the risk of them suffering reader fatigue and leaving the page before they finish your brilliant prose.

In addition to using subheads, bullets and numbered lists, images enhance a blog post and can highlight what you’ve written.blogging

When posting articles to your blog consider the liberal use of images and infographics.

Here are my reasons why you should use graphics in blogs:

  1. As mentioned, an image is eye-catching and could lure a reader deeper into the blog post. If you’re writing about a product you’re selling, an image will enhance the words you’re sharing and could help push a customer into a buying decision because he can see what he would be getting for his money. Images enhance the reader experience and may draw them deeper into your site and make them return visitors.
  2. If you have images and have more readers you will have increased search engine rankings. Google loves sites with low bounce rates and the more people who click to your page, and stay there, the higher your rankings will be.
  3. Using images makes your content more shareable on social media. You may want to consider having more than one image for your social shares. When you do this, you can share more than once, with different wording and a different image and potentially reach a new audience. If you’re using graphics, use more than one.

Make certain the image is relevant to the content you’re sharing. For example if you’re writing about blogging, don’t include photos of cute puppies and kittens because there is no relevancy.

Do you include images in your posts?


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