If you have found that the traffic to your blog and website is not what it used to be it could be because there is so much content vying for attention. What is a business owner to do? Start a newsletter. Why? A newsletter is delivered directly into the inboxes of people who signed up and have said, “I want to hear from you!”

Tips To Grow Your Newsletter List

Offer valuable content. If you’re merely sending out a link to your latest blog post, that’s not valuable. You can certainly include a link, but offer something that only subscribers receive. A tip. A hint. A hack.

Provide Valuable Content. Send your newsletters regularly. If a contact is accustomed to receiving your newsletter every Tuesday, then send it every Tuesday. Let them know how often to expect your message when they sign up.

Provide “subscriber only” perks. An ebook. A free download printable every month. A way for your client to interact with his or her client using information you’re providing.

Have a call to action. Don’t just send the newsletter with a “that’s all folks!” type sign off. Add a call to action: Email us today; grab your free report here; let me know how I can help; sign up for your complementary XYZ today.

Stay within your niche. If you offered, as a lead magnet “Tips for pool owners” then don’t have your newsletter be about dog grooming. Your readers signed up for a specific reason. Honor that.

Have you considered sending a newsletter? Do you have a lead magnet? Is there a sign up space on your site to capture names and email addresses so that you can keep in touch and send out a newsletter? If not, why not? Do you need tech assistance for the sign up? Are you seeking a writer to prepare your lead magnet? Do you know how to build a landing page to drive potential new subscribers to a space where they can receive your newsletter? If you need help with any of these items, drop us an email and let’s get you started on gathering names of potential new clients!


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