How can you use Instagram to grow your business? You must first determine whether your audience and potential clients are on Instagram. If they’re not, is there any sense for your marketing department to focus on this platform? You need to determine this first. You don’t have to be on every social platform that you find, you do need to be on those platforms that make sense on on which your potential clients gather.instagram

If you have determined that Instagram is where you and your business need to be, then here are some ways to make it work:


  • Grab your business name. Complete your business profile. Upload a crisp, clear company logo for your profile photo.
  • Share why you are on Instagram. This is your business account, to keep that in mind. Make note of why your business is there and find ways for users to connect with you.
  • Have an Instagram plan. Just as you shouldn’t use any other social platform without a plan, this is the same for using Instagram. Why are you there? What is the benefit to the business? What is the benefit to a potential client for your business being there?
  • Hashtags rule. On Instagram, hashtags are the form of conversation. Use hashtags that make sense. For example if your business isn’t pet related, don’t jump on the #dogsofinstagram hashtag.
  • Make sure you use great images. Because Instagram is photo-centric, you need to have great photos.


Is your business on Instagram? Do you find it a valuable and viable platform for your business?

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