As a business owner, it behooves you to be active on LinkedIn. Why? Because, for the most part LinkedIn is where the business professionals gather. Yes, Facebook is the mos popular platform, but you are more likely to connect with colleagues and potential business clients on LinkedIn than you are through your Facebook page — there are exceptions to every rule and the only way you can know for sure where you should be spending your time is to know where your clients and potential clients are having their conversations and then join them there.

If you are using LinkedIn publisher, here are some tips to make it work for you:linkedin

  • Start a conversation with your posts. Remember, for every post you set live on LinkedIn you will want to have a call to action. That CTA can be for a downloadable product you have available or it could be for a coaching session or it could be to go to your website or blog and read more of the article. Just don’t leave your reader hanging at the end of your post without a prompt from you.
  • Just as blogging on your own site sets you up as an authority, so too will publishing on LinkedIn. Additionally, once you publish your post you have the option to share it with all of your followers. This could be a significant number. How many potential people are you reaching with your blog posts on your site? It’s something to ponder.
  • Repurpose content you’ve already written and share it on LinkedIn. You can double your content offerings at half the work. We do urge you to not simply copy and paste content — put some time into rewriting it and making it different from what you’ve already published on your site.
  • Share your LinkedIn published post across your other social media platforms. Just because you’re reaching your entire LinkedIn audience doesn’t mean you want to neglect your other social media platforms. Announce to them that you’ve recently published a post.
  • Are there thought leaders with whom you’re connected on LinkedIn that you’d love to share your post with? One great way to do that is by interviewing them for your next post. Once you do that, chances are they will share it with their networks and your reach will expand exponentially.

Are you publishing on LinkedIn? Are you finding success?


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