It’s nothing new, but “video is where it’s at” for many marketers and many savvy business owners as well. I know that myself and my staff are on Periscope and are experimenting with that new medium. Periscope connects to your Twitter account and allows you to upload real-time videos. The ‘scopes disappear from Periscope after 24 hours, but you can save them in a #katch if you sign up for a account.

Here are some benefits you may reap from adding video to your business marketing plan:

  1. You can live stream events. If you’re a pool cleaner or a pool contractor, live stream an excavation. Live stream the technique for vacuuming a pool — this could be ideal for the do-it-yourselfer pool owner who is looking for tips. When he or she finds it’s not as easy as it looks, they will remember your video and likely give you a call.
  2. Host an interview. You can interview your staff, interview a satisfied client, interview a local dignitary or expert in your particular niche. Pull up your ‘scope account, interview them and viola, it’s live!
  3.  Give insight into your process. Put together a how-to video based on your area of expertise. Show a potential client how you manufacture your products.
  4. Set up a live Q & A session. You can promote on your social media sites that you will be “hosting a free 30-minute Q & A about your area of expertise” and people can have access to you “real time and live.”
  5. Interact with employees who work at remote locations. You can set up a live ‘scope and conduct employee training and then save those training videos in your #katch for use with other new hires.

Periscope may not be the caliber of a studio-produced video, but it is a great way to quickly interact with clients, potential clients and with people you don’t even know! Are you on Periscope?


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