Many of our clients have thrown their hands up in despair when they write a blog post and find that no one has read it, commented on it or shared it. Why is that? They believe they’ve used the correct keywords, they have spell- and grammar-checked and they’ve posted the link on Facebook.

“Where are we going wrong?” they ask. Chances are they’re not doing anything “wrong,” but they might not have a strategic process for sharing the blog once it’s been written. Here are our top five tips for getting more eyes on your blog posts:

  1. Make sure a lot of your content is visible when a reader stops by your site. If you’ve drawn them there with one great blog post, make sure it’s easy for them to find more of your great posts. It could be a matter of a new layout or even adding a rotating gallery of blog posts. Once you have a reader checking your site, you want to keep them with you as long as you can and the design may be one way to do that. blogging
  2. Make a Pinnable image for your posts. Because Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, if your content lends itself to it, you will want to set up a page and pin images (along with your blog links) to your Pinterest account.
  3. Be consistent with your blogging. Your readers are busy people and if they’re making time to visit your blog you want to have a consistent blogging schedule and then you want to stick to it. Whether you’re posting one, three or five days a week, be consistent with those days.
  4. Make sure there is a space on your site where visitors can subscribe to your blog. Whether you have them sign up for a newsletter where you send your latest blog posts to their inbox or if you offer them an RSS feed to subscribe, the main idea is to get them to subscribe.
  5. Keep the site open for comments. If you get a reader who wants to share a comment with you, offer them that opportunity. We know that comments can leave your site open to security risks, but there widgets and security measures you can put in place to protect the site from hackers.

Bonus tip! When you write a blog post, hitting publish does not mean the work is done. After you’ve published your post you have to take the time to promote it and share it across your social media platforms. Sharing and promotion is critical to getting readers to your site.

What are your blogging and social media challenges? Chances are, we have a solution for you.

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