We came across an article from Search Engine Land that was spot on with the information we work with our clients on — SEO, keywords and being found online. What we, as entrepreneurs, think are “logical” keywords for our clients to use to find us might not be what they use. Why? Because we are so immersed in our industry jargon that we sometimes lose sight of the fact that our clients don’t use that jargon. They use search terms that make sense to them.

For example if we were using search terms of “ideal swimming pool cleaning methods for gunite pools” that is great for us, but our clients might be searching, “how to clean a concrete pool” because that is:

  1. What they really want to do, and
  2. Phrases that come up in natural conversation

What this means is we need to know, truly know, our clients. How can we do this? Ask them. “If you/when you were searching for me and my business, what terms did you use? Was there a particular phrase you used to find our business?” If you know this, you can work those terms and phrases into your marketing and SEO-strategies. After all, it’s about getting found, right?

Take a peek at this article that talks about the way users search.

Do you know how your clients find you? If not, you need to work on your messaging and branding and we can assist you with that.

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