We’ve mentioned before that having a company newsletter is something that all business owners should aspire to. Why? Because it helps you stay in touch with current clients, reaches out to individuals who are on your list but who may not yet be clients. A newsletter, thoughtfully prepared and delivered, goes a long way in helping you stay front of mind with your clients. If you provide more than one service or offer myriad products, this is a great way to have them think of you when they’re ready to make another purchase.

What can you put in your company newsletter? Here are some ideas:

  1. Let them get to know you, and your team. Do a brief intro to the team. Space the introductions across multiple newsletters.
  2. Offer hints that your audience will appreciate. You’re the expert, share that.
  3. Share industry news that might be relevant to your audience.
  4. Are you hosting an event? Share it there.
  5. Are you selling a new product or service and are offering a discount to those who read your newsletter? Share it.
  6. Link to blog posts you’ve written to help drive traffic to your site as well as helping to amp up readership to your blog.
  7. Highlight a client in a profile piece.
  8. Read a book that you love? If it’s related to business, share it.
  9. Add links to relevant content you’ve found that you think your audience would enjoy.
  10. Answer a frequently asked question.

Let 2016 be the year that you kick off your newsletter as a way to keep in touch with your clients. Not sure where to begin? Ask us. We can help.

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