Why Pool Industry Pros Need Online Reviews

Online business reviews for your pool business aren’t just “nice to have” Rex Richard explains why pool industry pros need online reviews. Whether you’re new to your pool construction or pool service business, word of mouth is great to find new customers, but for customers who don’t know you or know who you work with, you need to have an online presence where your customers sing your praises. Online reviews are more important than ever as customers are skeptical and are usually filled with mistrust unless a “stranger” gives you kudos they may not believe just how great you are.

Here are our top five reasons why pool industry pros need online reviews.

  1. It shows your authority. If a potential customer does a search either specifically for your pool business or any pool service or pool contractor in your area and your business comes up with good reviews, then your authority shines through.
  2. Credibility is enhanced when there are reviews. You don’t even need to have all five-star reviews to have credibility. Having that online presence and knowing that customers are taking the time to go online and give you a review enhances your capabilities in their eyes.
  3. Online reviews also give you insight into what people think about you and the service that you offer. You may think you’re great at ABC but the reviews sing your praises for XYZ and that insight might help you refocus or hone your offerings and target market advertising.
  4. Reviews help your business stand out and are a marketing tool. When you reach out to customers or potential customers you can add a link to your reviews and say, “here’s what others are saying about us.”
  5. Reviews help your business grow. If you want to continue to grow your pool business, reviews can help you do that. This is especially true if your competition isn’t as active online with reviews.

How can you get reviews? It’s simple. Ask. Many customers don’t even think about how important giving you a review is and many people only take to the internet to leave a review if they’re angry. Once you’ve completed your service for a customer, ask if they will give you a review. Make it easy for them by giving them a link right to where they can leave a review. Make sure you respond to their posted review and thank them!

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