Have you ever wondered why you should send a company newsletter? There are many reasons and while there is no hard and fast rule for every business, there are some very good reasons that you will want to consider before you decide whether you want to begin this communication with your clients or potential clients.

You don’t want to start a newsletter simply because “everyone is doing it.” A newsletter needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy and needs to fit into your overall marketing plan. Don’t put the time and effort into a newsletter if you don’t have a strategy behind it.

Why you should send a company newsletter

  1. It builds customer loyalty. Your customer may not be in the buying mood right now, but if you’re in their in box, they will think of you when they are ready to buy. Also, when you share valuable information with your clients they will look to you as their trusted resource.
  2. Correctly prepared, a newsletter will help drive traffic to your website and there’s where you ultimately want people to go.
  3. Set yourself up as the expert. Answer a client or potential client’s pain point and they will look forward to your enewsletter.
  4. Target loyal customers. Depending on the newsletter carrier you use you can track opens and click throughs and that will help you gauge client engagement and help you focus both your newsletter content and your blog content and products and services.
  5. Use your company newsletter as a profit center. Depending on your open rates and the number of people on your list you can sell ad space in your newsletter or you can use it to test out new products (ask for beta testers from your subscribers) use your newsletter to offer affiliate products.

Do you send a company newsletter? What kind of lead magnet (ethical bribe) do you offer to entice people to give you their name and email address? Do you see success with your enewsletter?

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