Is writing in your blood? Are you a business owner who knows the importance of blogging but hasn’t gotten around to doing it for your business yet? If you want to blog and want to teach yourself, here are three writing tips for bloggers, would-be bloggers and business owners:

  1. You have to give your readers value. There is no sense in blogging just for the sake of blogging. You need to give value to the reader and you need to understand that they are coming to you for your expertise and to help address a pain point, or more than one, they may be having. Share your expertise. Solve a problem. Remember that your readers are likely very busy people so value their time and make the time they spend at your site valuable.
  2. Give them what they expect. What do I mean by that? Don’t offer a headline that promises one thing and then offer content that is totally off topic. You have probably seen articles online or on Facebook that say, “This woman went to her accountant and you won’t believe what happened?!” Well, chances are you won’t because that is called “click bait” and it is a headline that is meant to lure you in. Many times it does, but once you click you will find you’re taken to an article that is a sales landing page and offers no valuable content to the reader. Your headline needs to be not only search engine optimized, but eye-catching and more importantly, it must deliver on its promise.
  3. Answer their questions. If you are meeting with clients and find that many of them are asking the same questions, that is fodder for a blog post. If more than one client, or even if only one client, is asking a question, chances are more people will have the same question in their minds.

If you know you should be blogging — and you should — but aren’t certain where to start, drop me an email and we can talk about a content strategy and how blogging could fit into that.

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