When we talk with business owners — many of whom don’t consider themselves bloggers — we explain that even if you’re not a blogger, you need to work with a blogger to help spread the word about you, your work and to help you reach your ideal client.

3 Things Bloggers Need To Understand

If you’re hiring a blogger and are putting together your social media and marketing strategy — which should include blogging — there are 3 things bloggers need to understand (and that you, as the business owner need to understand as well).

  1. It is a time-consuming practice and you won’t see results overnight. There, we’ve said it. Your blog will probably not be an “overnight sensation.” Blogging is a slow-and-steady wins the race marketing strategy. That being said, it is also time consuming to write a blog that your audience aka your ideal client will want to read. You want it to be optimized for Google searches. You want your post to link back to other blog posts on your site. You want your post to be grammatically correct and error-free. You want to add an image. Whew! The work doesn’t end there. Once the blog post is written and published, you need to have a strategy in place for sharing your content with the audience you want to reach.
  2. Blogging could be a profitable arm of your marketing strategy. If you’re not going to write the content yourself you will want to work with a professional who can craft readable content that is SEO’d for your search terms. You need to commit to blogging and publishing on a set schedule. You should work with the blogger aka professional writer to develop an editorial calendar for your content.
  3. Your business will benefit from a blog. When you have a blog you are growing your business and sharing content on a foundation that you own. If, for example, you only share content on Facebook or LinkedIn, you are “building your home on rented ground” and if you lose access to your pages or if the platform shuts down, you will have lost your content. Use your blog that resides on your website as the hub for your marketing strategy.

Do you have questions about blogging? Do you wonder how to get started? Contact us and we can share more in depth information with you on how blogging can help your business.

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