Is your business “picture worthy”? Do you use Instagram to reach potential clients and connect with followers? If not, you may want to read this and look at these 3 ways to grow your Instagram following. It may make sense in your overall marketing strategy for your business.

As with any new social platform, you don’t want to jump into it if you don’t have a plan behind it and if it doesn’t fit in with your overall marketing strategy. Taking on a new social platform because “everyone is doing it” is like “jumping off a bridge” because your friends are doing it — as our mom used to say!

3 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

Design an Instagram campaign built around strategy, consistency and quickness. Don’t overload your stream so much that when a follower opens your page it crashes his app! To grow on any social platform you need to be there consistently. In addition, you need to have a page and a plan that offers valuable information to those people who come to your Instagram page. What do you have to offer? How often will you post? How does Instagram fit in your marketing… or does it?

Rule of Seven aka consistency redux. “They” say it takes seven touches or seven interactions with someone before they will feel they “know, like and trust you” and before they will be tempted to make a purchase from you. Look at your Instagram posts as a seven step approach, each and every time you upload a photo or video.

Be clear. What do you want followers to do? What action do you want them to take? When they see your brand and your photos what feeling are you trying to invoke: the warm fuzzies, anger, spurring to action or some other feeling or emotion? Who are you and what do you want to mean to your potential ideal client? It could be as simple as building trust in your swimming pool service business. What can you, as a swimming pool service contractor, do to invoke trust?

Are you using Instagram? Is it working well? Do you need help with a strategy? Leave us a comment and let’s talk!

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