Gone are the days of giving an elevator speech at a networking event. Sure, potential clients want to know if they need the services you’re offering but today potential clients want to know WHY you do what you do. There are a myriad of ways to tell what you do and why and we have put together a list of 4 ways to tell your business story. 

Why did you start selling widgets? What the story behind that? If you’re a time management expert, why? What prompted you to get involved in that area of expertise? Tell us the story!

The buzz about “telling your business story” is not going away. In fact, in this even more connected world people are craving story — craving connection. The coronavirus pandemic made most people yearn for connections and story connects us all.

4 Ways To Tell Your Business Story

How can you craft your own business story? Here are four tips.

  1. Start with the WHY. What prompted you to sell widgets? Who was the motivating factor behind that particular niche? Did you truly just start selling widgets because you think they are the best business idea? Did you start selling them because your father, and his father before him sold widgets and you’re carrying on the tradition? Let us know WHY.
  2. Let us know the HOW. How do you work? How can I work with you? How have you structured your business to meet my unique pain points? Tell me a story if you have one.
  3. Tell us the WHO. While you don’t want to share specific names, you can tell a story of a WHOM you helped without giving away their name or secrets. Share where that WHO was before you and where they are now after having worked with you.
  4. Now let us know WHAT you’re selling and how it can help me? What do you sell or offer that is better than the “guy down the street?” WHAT is your unique selling point? Consider that and tie it in with the vision for your company and your desire to see your clients succeed. Put the client or potential client into your story.

Rex Richard and his team at Peak Dynamics can help you craft your story and reach your unique potential client. Contact us today. 

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