We’re not saying you need to be paranoid, but we wonder if you know what people are saying about you and your business. What is your business’s online visiblity? Are you found in a search? Are you and your business being found for the search terms you want to be found for — that is a big factor in your rankings and visiblity.

What is your online reputation? Are people talking about your business in glowing terms or are they disparaging you?

What Is Your Business Online Visibility?

Take time today — right now as a matter of fact — and Google your business. Here are the tips for making this a valuable exercise:

  • Type your business name into the search bar
  • What comes up? Be aware that sometimes hackers will hijack your URL and you may not even be aware of it
  • What page does your business come up on when you search for it specifically
  • What page does your business show up on if you Google key terms and phrases you think you’re being found for
  • Type in the key phrases you think you’re ranking for
  • Type in the words you believe customers might use to find you (even if they aren’t the keywords you’re imagining)
  • Have you set up Google Alerts? If not you should do that so if someone mentions you or your business you will get an email of that mention

There is a lot more to reputation management than performing a Google search, but this is a good first — and free step — every business owner should be performing to ensure they are being found in a search and that the word on the internet about their business is good.

If your business isn’t being found for the keywords you’re trying to rank for, reach out to Rex Richard and ask for a quote on his services. 

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