It would seem like after this many years of my coaching swimming pool clients and other entrepreneurs that we wouldn’t still be writing about blogging and how it can help a business grow its authority. We have done another round-up of why you need a blog: 7 more reasons to consider. Blogging may be changing, but the benefits of them aren’t read on for why you need to add blogging to your marketing strategy.

Why You Need A Blog: 7 More Reasons

Blogs are dynamic and help your website remain relevant in the eyes of Google and if you have built a website, but haven’t made any changes to it, you’re missing the boat and you’re being passed over in searches.

Here are the reasons to get a blog, get your blog more active and reach out to us if you need help:

  1. As mentioned Google loves new content and when you publish a new blog, it dings Google as “here is something new!” and that’s exciting and helps your blog get found.
  2. If you’re blogging you have content to share on social media and in your newsletters. A blog is the hub of your marketing and can be repurposed to great effect.
  3. A blog is essentially free marketing — as long as you know how to blog effectively. If you don’t, then hire a blogger who can help you with that aspect of your marketing strategy
  4. Blogs are a great way to show your authority and expertise
  5. Blogs are a great platform to host a conversation — on ground you have built — rather than just on a platform like Facebook. Keep in mind that if Facebook goes away, so does your content.
  6. Your blog is your brand. Use it wisely!
  7. Choose your keywords and key phrases to enhance your search engine optimization. Your SEO is what helps you and your blog get found and that could help you stand out from the competition.

If you aren’t certain whether a blog will fit in with your marketing strategy reach out to Rex Richard of Peak Dynamics and schedule a free call. 

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