Marketing. Marketing. Marketing. It’s the mantra of entrepreneurs just as “location, location, location” is for real estate agents. If you’re a busy entrepreneur — and we certainly hope you are — you may not have the time or the skills to do your own marketing. If you hire a marketing professional talk with him or her about these 5 effective marketing strategies and see if it’s a fit for your unique business.

There are many effective ways in which to market your business, but here are a few to jump start the process.

5 Effective Marketing Strategies

  1. Branding. This is the first step and it matters. You can certainly change your logo and your branding, but you should start with having a logo, a business name and a tagline. Work with a marketing professional who can help you build your brand. Your brand also includes fonts and brand colors.
  2. Your list is gold. You need to grow your list by asking people to opt into your newsletter. Prepare a free download or “ethical bribe” to get people excited to sign up for your list. Make certain you have an editorial calendar prepared to keep you sending out newsletters regularly. Staying in front of your clients and potential clients is crucial.
  3. Blog to build your authority. When you share blog content you are sharing your expertise. Also, writing blog posts helps with your Google authority and helps your site rank in searches. Again, prepare an editorial calendar and be consistent with your blogging and the use of keywords.
  4. Don’t forget video. You don’t need to hire a production team, but you can if you’d like. Jump on Facebook video and talk with your followers. Make videos and put on your YouTube channel and share in your blog posts. Repurpose your blog posts into videos.
  5. Check out the competition. What are they doing well? What are they doing poorly? What can you emulate (not plagiarize)? What do you want to do completely differently? Knowing what your competition is doing can give you a competitive edge.

How can you effectively begin marketing your business? If you’re already marketing, what else can you do to market your business more effectively? If you’re stumped, reach out to us, we can help.


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