Content is still king. Your content can be in the form of blogging, podcasting or video. Regardless of how you use content and much of your content can be repurposed into a blog we have 5 steps to make blogging easier & more valuable.

There is nothing worse than laboring over a blog post, getting it live on your site only to hear crickets. Why did you do all the work? What was the point of putting in time and effort into a blog post that no one is reading? It is an issue many bloggers and marketing pros feel.

While we can’t guarantee that you will get eyes on the page or comments on the blog post, we do have ways to make your time spent blogging more fruitful and less a feeling that you’re wasting your time.

 5 Steps To Make Blogging Easier & More Valuable

Consistency remains key in a blogger or content creator’s life. Sometimes being consistent is the issue as well as even getting started, right?

Read on for tips to help make blogging simpler than you imagined it could be.

Create a content development checklist.

  1. Decide on a topic (creating an editorial calendar makes this much simpler). Take time to create an editorial calendar and populate it with topics that can carry you through a quarter. Update it at the end of each month so you have a continual bank of topics.
  2. Answer a question your readers have
  3. Solve a problem for your reader

Here are a few idea starters:

  1. How to… (something in your industry)
  2. Trends in your niche
  3. # of Tips to… people love tips and lists
  4. Insider information to… your niche
  5. Your company news

Get ready to write 

  1. What keywords do you want to focus on? Your usual SEO terms, of course, but there may be a trending topic that fits your niche
  2. Make sure you’re choosing one topic only
  3. For whom are you writing? What problem will your blog post solve

 Just write

  1. Create a brief outline
  2. Create your headline
  3. Write until the post is done
  4. Write as though you’re talking to someone over a cup of coffee
  5. Aim for at least 350 words
  6. Add in bullet points, numbered lists or subheads
  7. Let it sit for a day, re-read it/edit it

Give it another look

  1. Edit.
  2. Add in subheads
  3. Add in links back to other content on your site
  4. Add in an image
  5. Include a call to action
  6. Schedule for publication

Shout it to the world!

  1. Share on your social channels
  2. Create an info graphic
  3. Ask employees to share on their social channels
  4. Add into your LinkedIn page
  5. Add a link in your email signature

Blogging doesn’t have to be hard. If you simply don’t enjoy it, don’t have time for it or aren’t good at it — let us know. We can help. Drop us a comment.

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