Do you ever give anything away gratis? Do you offer samples? Trial offers? A complementary conversation/consultation with you? Information products? Have you ever wondered how giving it away for free may grow your biz?

Give away your goods or services? Why would I do that? I’m trying to earn a living! I understand, but sometimes a sample will whet a potential client’s appetite for more. Once he or she has tried what you have to offer, he may decide he really needs what you’re selling and the sample convinced him. How many times have you sampled a beer flavor or a new ice cream? Sometimes you’re wary of trying something new, but once you know you can give it a try without any obligation, you’re more inclined to pay for it.

How ‘Giving It Away For Free’ May Grow Your Biz

Put a “give it away for free” plan in place to help grow your business:

  1. A sample may lead to a sale. Give your clients a sample, whet their appetite. If your product or service performs like you said it would and solves their pain point, they may jump at making a purchase. What kind of sample can you give? Information. A short video snippet. Intriguing news in your newsletter.
  2. A no-obligation trial. What if you and the competition are offering the same item or service? What if yours is higher priced? Who do you think a “stranger” will go with? The lower price, of course. Even if yours is a higher quality, you’re an unknown quantity and it’s easier to part with money for a lower-priced product or service if you’re new to both.
  3. Influencers. Find your “raving fans” and ask them to help promote your products or services through their platform. If they have had an amazing experience with you, they will be delighted to share that!
  4. Leverage free into publicity. What if you could give away something for free that would benefit a local group or organization? Great publicity! Look for opportunities.
  5. Want to be my beta tester? Give select people the inside scoop by being your beta testers! They get the product or service for free in exchange for their honest feedback. You get to work out the bugs before launching and they feel special.

Chances are you have seen businesses give away samples, look for product ambassadors and seek beta testers. Try this for your business and see if it helps with sales.

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