Is your business interacting on Instagram? If you have found that your potential clientele isn’t on Instagram it may not make sense from a business and marketing strategy. Although we do recommend grabbing your company and brand name on social platforms simply because it is your business and you want to claim it before anyone else does. Do you have an Instagram story strategy if you are on that platform?

Instagram stories can be a powerful part of your marketing strategy — if you have a strategy. As with all of your social and marketing efforts you need to have a reason and a strategy to support it or you’re just throwing money and effort on something that may not benefit your business.

You don’t want to be on a platform “just because everyone else is” that is NOT a marketing strategy.

Do You Have An Instagram Story Strategy?

  1.  Many people have the sound off when they are watching stories. People watch at work, on the bus and in other public places and they may be watching your story with the sound of. Assume they are. If someone watches your story with no sound, will they know the message you’re trying to share?
  2. Have you given the watcher a way to engage with you and your story? You can use an interactive sticker with your story to help watchers of your story engage with you. You can ask questions, host a survey or ask for donations.
  3. You need to be authentic. When you’re on Instagram and are trying to engage with current or potential clients, they want to see the “real you” behind the brand. Make sure your stories are authentic and are relatable.
  4. Ask your customers to share their stories about their experience with your company, brand or products. Use the stories shared as testimonials.
  5. Do you know any celebrities? Do you interact with influencers? If you do, ask them for testimonials or reviews of your products or services.

Instagram stories can be a powerful part of your marketing — if it fits into your overall marketing strategy.


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