Is your social media stalled? Has your engagement dropped? Have you been losing followers? Don’t blame it on Facebook’s algorithms – although, yes, some of them are problematic.

When you’re trying to grow your business through social media and drive traffic to your website, we’ve put together 5 things you need to stop doing on social media.

5 Things To Stop Doing On Social Media

  1. Throwing something up just to say you’ve posted. Plan your social media content. Build an editorial calendar. Know when you’re going to post and when. Also know why you’re posting. Is it a holiday in your industry? Breaking news? Something funny or motivational? Your social media should have a strategy. Does yours?
  2. Not engaging with your followers. Yes, this is an odd sentence but the point of it is – if your followers are engaging, then engage back. If they comment and all they hear are crickets, they will eventually stop commenting and who can blame them? Also, make sure you’re checking DMs. If someone has taken the time to DM you, take the time to respond.
  3. Just throwing up a photo without thinking about how, or if, it represents your brand. Just because your social media strategy indicates that Wednesday is a day to share a photo. Plan for that photo and make sure it’s representative of your brand. This doesn’t mean all your photos need to be studio quality, edited and not spur of the moment. It just means if you’re taking candid shots have a reason for it.
  4. Not putting a CTA into your social media posts. You don’t have to always be selling, but you can put a call to action that isn’t a sales pitch. Have a CTA to join your newsletter list, download your free product, etc.
  5. Just do it. Many of our clients overthink and then don’t post. Sure you don’t want to have error-laden content and status updates, but overthinking it means you will post nothing. Have a plan and post.

How well is your social media strategy working? Is it achieving the results you wanted it to? Do you need a social media audit? If so, contact Rex Richard and schedule yours.

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