Do you use hashtags when you’re on social media? Are you using them wisely? We have seen people use hashtags who don’t know how to use hashtags. If you’re writing a blog post about a swimming pool, for example, do you need a hashtag #hamburger #cat #trendingtopicoftheday. Use hashtags that make sense, don’t use hashtags just to say you’ve used them.

Again, back to that example above. If you’re writing about a swimming pool, use a hashtag with your location #phoenixaz, your business name #webuildpools, swimming topics like #swimming, #cleanpoolwater #poolmaintenance #poolconstruction #fiberglasspool…. you see where we are going, right?

How To Use Hashtags

Don’t hashtag stuff. We have seen some social media posts that have more than twenty — sometimes close to fifty — hashtags! Use them wisely if you want your business and your posts to be found.

The prudent use of hashtags can help your content be found. How? Several ways:

  • Grab a hashtag for your company. For instance: #PeakDynamics — not only the business name but a great hashtag if we want people to find us online and have them quickly recognize our brand. Does your business name or a portion of your mission statement lend itself to a hashtag? Using a hashtag might just be a great way to have a potential client find you.
  • Using a hashtag when you’re writing about a trending topic could bump your content in the search engines. Don’t use a trending hashtag if it doesn’t fit your brand. For example, even if #dogsincostumes was trending, it doesn’t make sense for a swimming pool company to use it, does it? Unless you’ve written a blog post about swimsuits for dogs or life vests for dogs… it’s a stretch but could work.
  • Use your hashtag in your online and off line marketing. Use your hashtag on your printed materials as well as online marketing.

Hashtags are an ideal way for a client or potential client to find you. If you are selling #vintagetypewriters and someone is looking, they may not have found your website, but they may find you because you used a hashtag.

Hashtags work best on Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest and Instagram; even though people use them on other social media platforms Facebook and LinkedIn don’t really allow users to effectively search them.

Does your business use hashtags? Are they working?

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