Chances are you have heard that slow and steady wins the race. For entrepreneurs, though, slow and steady may not be enough. Consistency is ideal, but growing their business and their reach more quickly is what entrepreneurs aim for. Five ways to boost your social media growth can help with your winning the race and with consistency.

5 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Growth

Many of these tips are no-brainers, but if you aren’t well-versed in social media management or if you simply need a refresher, here are our top five ways to jumpstart growth or re-start a stalled social media strategy. 

  1. Make certain your content strategy is tied to a search engine optimization strategy. Don’t just throw spaghetti at the wall and hope that something sticks. Be consistent with the key words you use and employ a keyword strategy that helps amp up and feed your company’s marketing efforts.
  2. Use apps. If you’re doing social media yourself you know it can be time consuming. Make use of apps and social scheduling tools to help save time and amp up your productivity. Remember, even if you’re using scheduling tools you need to interact with your followers to let them know you are a “live” person. Social is about building connections.
  3. If you have the budget for ad words or Facebook ads, make certain you know whom you’re looking to connect with and why and what you will do once your ad reaches them. Use AB testing to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your ad marketing buck.
  4. Blogging is an ideal way to reach your audience and to share your expertise. Make sure you have an SEO strategy and keyword strategy behind all of your blogging efforts. Be consistent with your blogging and promote the blog posts once they’ve been written.
  5. Work with influencers. If you can get word-of-mouth about your business by talking with influencers who can help spread your message your credibility gets a major bump.

Social media and blogging isn’t going away any time soon. Embrace the technology and the marketing efforts and use social media and blogging to boost your business.

Do you find you’re having success no social media? Do you struggle to make connections? Let us know, we can help!

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