How much time are you spending on social media marketing? Are you seeing a return on your investment? If yes, great! What are your secrets? If you’re not. Why not? Have you ever wondered hot to ‘win’ at social media?

“Winning” might not be the right term, but you at least want to feel as though you are reaching someone… anyone… when you make a social post. You truly want to feel as though you’re reaching your ideal customer. How do you make that happen?

How To ‘Win’ At Social Media

When you’re on social media, what you want to do is to connect with your followers and those who read your social media updates. You want to build a relationship. You want them to feel as though they know, like and trust you and that they’d turn to you when they’re ready to purchase simply becuase they feel as they they have built a connection with you.

Here are a few tactics to help you win the social media game

  1.  Be authentic. If you’re trying to be someone you’re not, your followers will discover that quickly enough. Tell your story authentically. Share your wins… and your losses. Be “real.” This doesn’t mean you need to share everything about your day — when you woke up, a photo of your breakfast, about the fight you had with a contractor. Be real about why you got into business. Share authentically about how you can, and want to, help your ideal customer. Don’t hide behind a logo or corporate-speak.
  2. Use emotion. When we say that we don’t mean drama! We mean, connect with your ideal customer’s pain point. Let them know that you truly understand because you have been where they are and you have found a way out — and here’s how!
  3. Delve into the metrics. Almost all social platforms offer some type of metric. Utilize the information given to know what kind of content is resonating, when your followers are online, what they want to know, their demographics. Gather all of that information and use it to help grow your following.

What have you found that works with your social media marketing? Are you seeing an ROI? If you need assistance with your marketing plan, drop us an email. Let’s talk!

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