Are you as effective as you could be? Do you waste time? Are you not even sure if you’re wasting time? We have 5 ways to save time on your tasks. We know you can’t quite “manage” time because we all have the same number of seconds in an hour and hours in a day but we can certainly get more done in a more effective manner. We also don’t want to think we are getting more done so we can get more work to do!

Let’s think about getting more done and being more efficient so you can get more fun in your life! Don’t procrastinate and don’t let another day go by without seeing how much you can get done and how you can get rid of your time wasters (social media scrolling, for example!)

Are there ways in which you can look at who you are and what you do and whether you could be more effective and efficient? There are!

5 Ways To Save Time

Do you look at other people and see how much they accomplish and think:

ONE: I could never do that or

TWO: I want to know how they do what they do?

Know your personality and whether procrastination is a habit you’ve picked up.

The Ben Franklin “Book of Virtues” notes that being industrious is one way that helps a person live a fully realized life. What does industry and being industrious mean to an entrepreneur?

THREE: It means sticking to a schedule

FOUR: It means, first determining what the schedule will be

Here are two questions I ask myself when I determining whether I am using my time well and being industrious when working with clients through Peak Dynamics:

  1. Will finishing this task help me achieve a goal, want or need
  2. Am I the correct person to do this task? Could it be delegated?

FIVE: Each goal on your to-do list needs to be looked at with the scope of the two questions above and you need to make decisions on them. Do what only you can do and delegate what can be delegated.

Here are a few more steps you can take to help with your time: In order to make the best use of your time you need to KNOW what you WANT or NEED. You need to KNOW what GOAL you are trying to achieve. To do this, write down:

  1. Goals
  2. Wants
  3. Needs

Add items to these three mentioned above then work through the five steps to achieve them and to become more industrious in your work life so you can be more relaxed in your free time.

Reach out to Rex Richard at Peak Dynamics and see how he can help you in your business — especially if you are a pool business owner.

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