As a business owner you must know by now that Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are very capricious. They can make changes from day to day. They can cause your content to not be seen by your followers unless you pay to play. What is a business owner to do? Build a newsletter list so you “own” those names and leads. Don’t wait for social media platforms to shut you down then you’re left without any of the contacts you’ve made. We have 5 ways to use newsletters to market your biz that you will want to consider.

Before you implement these you need to grow your newsletter list. That can be done through offering a great “ethical bribe” you know, those items that you get for free if you sign up for a newsletter list. Create yours today. If you aren’t sure where to begin or what to give away to get people onto your list, reach out to Rex Richard, CEO of Peak Dynamics — he can help!

5 Ways To Use Newsletters To Market Your Biz

Newsletters are such a great way to build trust (your readers have opened their inbox to you!) and share information they just can’t get anywhere else.

Are you sending newsletters? Are they going out regularly? If not, you’re missing an opportunity to nurture your list.

Tips to leverage your newsletter efforts

  • The subject line is the most important part of your newsletter. It is the lure to entice a reader to give you some of their time and open their inbox to you. Take time to use power words, entice them, intrigue them and give them something they have to know more about! Don’t be spammy. Don’t use click bait.
  • Check what your newsletter looks like on a mobile device. It should be easily read on one because most of us read newsletters and other online items on our phones and tablets.
  • Follow through on the initial promise you made when someone signed up. If they signed up for “swimming pool best practice tips” don’t change and give them recipes. Give them what you promised. There is nothing to say you can’t drop in a recipe — just tie it to swimming pools.
  • Yes, you have a captive audience on your newsletter list but don’t use it as only a sales pitch. Give great content and yes, slip in something about your products or services BUT do so in a way that shows how what you have can help them with a pain point they are experiencing. If all you’re doing is trying to sell, they will unsubscribe.
  • Use your newsletter as a way to help your clients and potential clients get to know, like and trust you. Pull back the curtain and let them see the real you, your real workspace and some other way to make a personal connection.

Track your newsletter clicks and open rates. What do people click on inside your newsletters? Find that out and give them more of it!

If sending a newsletter isn’t part of your 2021 marketing strategy, it should be. If you don’t know where to begin, contact us.

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