If you’re starting a blog for your business you want it to be a success, right? If you don’t then why would you start one? When I work with our clients in the swimming pool and other industries, I talk about the importance of a website and how a blog can help them be found in a search. We have tips for how to ensure your blog’s success and you can implement one or all of them.

Competition is fierce and if your blog and its content can help you get found when a potential client hops online and does a search – then you want a blog. Your blog is also the hub of all your content and makes it easy to share on social media (another way to get your business found).

How To Ensure Your Blog’s Success

Here are our tips for a successful blog:

  1. Choose the right platform. Wordpress remains one of the top popular choices. There are other platforms available including Squarespace, Wix and those offered by domain name sellers. It is a personal choice, to be sure, but Wordpress does have amazing functionality and is easy to work in. It is what we recommend for our clients when we build their sites.
  2. Don’t try to be too clever when adding a blog page to your site and calling it something other than Blog. Consumers are accustomed to seeing the word “blog” and know it will contain articles. Calling it something like “trends” or “check this out” will not help you – straightforward and simple is best.
  3. Use keywords and key phrases with care but do use them in all your blog posts.
  4. Know who your audience is, what they want to read and what their pain points are. Share the solutions you offer to your customers through your blog post content.
  5. Be consistent. If you’re going to blog then blog. Don’t start it then stop it and be inconsistent. Let readers know you will be posting one time a week on Wednesdays (or whatever day and frequency you’ve chosen) and stick with it.
  6. Break up the text with bullet points or numbered lists.
  7. Add in an image and use alt tags.
  8. Link from one blog post to another. Keep readers on your website by giving them more interesting content to consume.


These are a few of the many steps you need to take to run a successful blog. Contact Rex Richard for a free consultation.

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