Do you have a landing page to which you send your clients? Do you offer an “ethical bribe” to get people to sign up for your newsletter or a webinar? What is your sales copy like? Do you want to learn 5 ways to write killer landing page sales copy? Stick with me and you will!

Your landing page is supposed to be fun, alluring and action oriented. When someone comes to that page you want them to think, “Wow I need to buy/work with/download what this person is putting out there!”

5 Ways To Write Killer Landing Page Sales Copy

We could go on for pages and pages on how to write killer landing page sales copy, but let’s start out with the top five and you can begin implementing them into your latest sales page or if you’re starting a new landing page you can incorporate those now.

Be clear. “Here’s what I have for sale.” “Here’s what you have to do!” Make it simple and clear cut. Don’t make them jump through hoops to figure out exactly who you are and what you do. You don’t want to talk down to your reader, but you want to make it easy for them to follow the sales path and get to the sale itself.

What’s your differentiator? Chances are there are others out there who are selling the same “widgets” that you are. What makes your widgets better? What is your story for how you got into selling widgets? You don’t want to cut down the competition, but you certainly need to make yourself stand out from the field of other widget makers and sellers.

 Be sexy. No, not you personally! But your sales copy. The last thing you want to be on landing page sales copy is boring. Be provocative. Be intriguiging in your headlines. Ask a question that gets them thinking. Touch on a pain point.

Do your readers have fears you can allay with your products or services? Play upon them in your sales copy. “Did You Know That Break-Ins Occur Every Minute Of Every Day? How Can You Protect Yourself, Your Family & Your Valuables?” (Because you sell a security system.

Tell your story. Sure, you’re selling widgets. Yes, they’re great. But WHY are you selling widgets? Did your great great grandmother manufacture widgets in the back of her car to put your mother through school and then your mother kept the dream alive in order to help you achieve your dream of taking a space ship to the moon? Now THAT’s a story your potential customers will want to hear!

Your story doesn’t have to be overly dramatic, but you should “put yourself out there” and tell the story of you and the story of your brand. Make that personal connection — that could be your differentiator! See how they all tie together.

Are your sales pages converting? Ask a colleague to read it and give you some feedback. Ask us how we can work together to make your sales copy shine!

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