Is your business Instagram-worthy? Do you have products or services you can take photos of and share on Instagram? Do you go to meetings or host events that would lend themselves to Instagram Stories? Instagram remains a powerful and visual platform. We have 7 tips to up your Instagram game. What we tell all our clients, though — don’t get onto a social media platform just because “everyone is using it.” Get on a social media platform if it makes sense for your overall social media strategy.

Let’s see a few of the many businesses that are great for IG: dog grooming, swimming pool construction, herbalists, yoga practitioners, teachers, speakers, graphic design, cake decorating, etc. — if you have a business that can be shared through photographs, you should harness the power of Instagram.

7 Tips To Up Your Instagram Game

Want to become an IG power user?

Try these:

  1. Use IG filters. Don’t go crazy with filters and try to choose one or two filters that enhance your brand. Everything you do needs to enhance — never detract — from your brand. IG offers filters that deepen shadows, make colors pop, add sepia tones and more. Practice with a few and see if you like the effect and the way it looks on your page.
  2. Don’t rely on the filters to make a bad photo a good photo — it usually won’t happen. That being said, there are some filters — like the sun filter that can lighten a photo and make it look brighter.
  3. The “experts” note the best posting times for Instagram are 6 am or 5 pm. You need to do your own analytics and determine the best time for you to post.
  4. While there are a few platforms that now allow you to upload photos through a scheduler, it is usually easiest to upload from your phone.
  5. Use hashtags. IG is very searchable with hashtags. Add captions and hashtags. Use hashtags relevant to the content and subject. If there is a hashtag you follow, and you want your photos to be searchable by that hashtag, use it. There are some hashtags that are universally used. For example #dogsofinstagram look for those universal hashtags and use them
  6. Be consistent in your posting. Don’t set up an account, post once or twice then forget about it. Build a following through consistent posting.
  7. Don’t post a photo just to say you posted. Upload your best photos. Yes, there will be times you don’t have a great photo but are at an event or see something you simply want to share — don’t let that stop you, just don’t make bad photo posting a habit.

Are you using Instagram? Do you have a strategy for your IG posting? If not, reach out to Rex Richard at Peak Dynamics and talk about whether IG is a platform you need to focus efforts on.

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