Email remains one of the most standard forms of communication between individuals and businesses. Yes, text messaging is prevalent, but not always ideal because you want to show a client or potential client your expertise and knowledge and maybe not through an abbreviation-filled text, IMHO, LOL. What is email etiquette? It is truly common sense that we will share with you here.

We have put together a quick checklist that you can do a run through and see if you’re being a “good” emailer. Email is an important form of communication and it can be one of the first ways in which you communicate and you want your first impression to be a great impression.

What Is Email Etiquette?

  1. Reply quickly. You’re not building anticipation in the recipient if you’re waiting to answer. Be quick, be friendly, be responsive. A one hour delay is the max.
  2. Don’t ramble. Answer the questions asked. Clarify the potential points in the message if there is more than one. Let the subject match the body of the email.
  3. Use spell check and make sure you’re grammatically correct. Remember, no matter how knowledgeable you are, if you’re sending a message full of typos or grammatical errors, the recipient will subconsciously doubt everything you say.
  4. Don’t play with fonts and colors and designs. Depending on which email carrier your recipient uses, the differences may be lost in translation. Use standard, traditional fonts and colors. Use a font size that is readable – 12 point is ideal and use black fonts.
  5. Wrap up with a professional email signature. Use your company logo, your title and all your contact information.

Do you respond to emails correctly and quickly? Do you cringe when you see your emails coming back to you and notice glaring errors? Do you need an email refresher in order to make your responses and messages more professional? Reach out and we can help you formulate a standard email template that will make responses easier and more professional.

Reach out to Rex Richard of Peak Dynamics.

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