Entrepreneurs understand that other entrepreneurs are on the business-centric social media platform, LinkedIn. Should you add LinkedIn publishing to your marketing plan? It may be a wise move. The reason we like LinkedIn publishing is that once you’ve published your article, LinkedIn helps with its promotion by pushing it out to all of your followers. This may or may not happen when you write a blog post, so why not let that platform “do the work” for you?

Facebook is a popular platform for both individuals and businesses but you may find your ideal client is on LinkedIn. We’re not saying you need to abandon your Facebook business page, we are saying that you may want to consider LinkedIn publishing to your marketing plan.

Add LinkedIn Publishing To Your Marketing Plan

Here are ways to amp up your efforts on LinkedIn when you publish an article:

  • Be conversational and ask a question. Every LinkedIn published article and every time you share one you want to ask a question. Get the reader involved. If you’re simply restating what’s in the published article but not spurring interaction, the reader will read it and move on because you haven’t prompted an action.
  • Publishing on LinkedIn helps set you up as an authority in your chosen area of expertise.
  • Once you publish the post, you are given the option to share it with all your followers. Depending on how many followers you have, this could be a lot of eyes on the post.
  • If you already have a lot of content, repurpose it and share it in a LinkedIn article. Don’t just copy and paste an article — repurpose it, update it and freshen it up.
  • Share the published LinkedIn article across your other social media pages.
  • A LinkedIn article may help connect you with other thought leaders with whom you want to interact.

Are you publishing on LinkedIn? What is your strategy for LinkedIn publishing and what metrics are you using to measure your success? If you’re not certain or if you’re not using LinkedIn publishing, reach out to us and let’s talk strategy for your business. 


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