How well are you handling and managing your social media conversations? Are you making the most of your social media marketing dollars? Do you get to the end of the month and look at what you’ve spent and wonder, “was it worth it?”

No matter what social media platform you use, you need to use it to its — and more importantly — you business’s best effect. If it’s not working, why are you using it? If your clients aren’t on a particular platform, why are you?

Are You Making The Most Of Your Social Media Marketing Dollars?

  •  Are you on the channels where your ideal customers are? If not, why not? It doesn’t hurt to have a presence on social platforms, but if you’re spending all of your time where your clients aren’t then you’re not spending your money wisely. “Claim” a platform or two and work it to its best advantage.
  • When are you posting? If you aren’t seeing engagement and you’re posting everything at 9 am, why not change the time you post? Look into the analytics for the social sites you’re using and delve into them to find the best time to post.
  • Ask a question. Start a conversation. Don’t just post statements that don’t prompt a conversation. It’s just like when you talk with your children and say, “You went to school today.” That’s a statement that doesn’t require any give-and-take. If you say, “How was school today,” you’re getting better but this could still be a “yes” or “no” answer. Even better, “Tell me about your day at school,” it’s opening the door.
  • Be involved in the conversation of others. You need to post on your site and you need to interact on the pages of others. Social media needs to be social.
  • Claim brand hashtags. You do want to use hashtags that are trending or that are useful to connecting with your particular audience. If, however, you have a unique product or service that lends itself to a hashtag, claim it and use it.
  • Answer customer complaints where they occur. Don’t delete a complaint, address it. If it escalates, then take it off line, but let other potential customers know you are upfront and will address concerns.

 Jumpstart your social media engagement by being social and being on the platforms where your ideal client is interacting.

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