Writing effective ad copy is just as important as writing effective blog copy — maybe even more because you’re putting more money behind your ads, probably. How to write Google ad copy that converts to sales is an important part of how you allocate your marketing dollars.

What can you do to make sure your Google ad copy grabs someone’s attention and prompts them to action? We have some tips from our research into writing ad copy to help you get your moneys’ worth!

How To Write Google Ad Copy That Converts

  •  If you’re informative your ad will be more persuasive. Don’t leave your ad “vague” as that translates to “click bait” and your readers’ won’t likely be too inclined to click on something they don’t quickly understand. When your potential client does a Google search and your ad pops up, make sure you are answering the question they typed in the search bar.
  • Scarcity gets a potential client to take action. “Act now to sign up for one of the TWENTY spots available!” You can use a limited quantity (as in the previous example or limited time) “Sign up before midnight tonight when the price increases by 50%!” If you plan to offer a “limited time only” every month — it is no longer scarce and your potential clients will catch on. Don’t mislead them.
  • Don’t try to compete where you simply can’t. Can you truly be better and quicker than, say, Amazon or Walmart? If you’re not, then don’t tilt your ad toward that angle. Find another differentiator.
  • Make the ad all about THEM — your potential client — not about you! No one cares how great you are. They want to know how your item/product/service will help THEM.
  • Make a connection with them. “We know where you are — we’ve been there. That’s why we created XYZ to help YOU or people in YOUR situation.”

Remember, what worked last month with your pay per click (PPC) ads may not work today. Be prepared to run AB testing and tweak until you hit the sweet spot!

Do you use PPC? Is it effective for you and your business? If you’re just not seeing a return on your investment, reach out, we can help!

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