Are you a business owner trying to connect with Generation Z consumers? Are you struggling to reach them? What’s the key to this demographic? How can your brand reach Gen Z? There are some ways in which this generation vastly differs from other generations and your brand needs to know how to speak their language. More importantly, you need to know where they interact online and how to reach them there.

How Can Your Brand Reach Gen Z?

  •  They want a “person” with whom to engage. Generation Zer’s want to know who made the product they’re eating or wearing. They want a face with a name. They don’t want to see your brand colors and logo. They want to see you. They want to know your story. They want to know what makes you tick and they want to talk about your product to their friends because of your story.
  • Social responsibility is big. Speak to the interests of a Gen Z consumer. They don’t care as much about trending topics. They want to work with a company who recycles, who doesn’t favor disposable items. They want to save the environment for their children and future generations. They want to buy from and shop with a company who cares and who shows it through volunteerism and donations.
  • Make your social media profile engaging. Instead of a social profile that reads, “Joe Smith started his barbecue business in 1999 because he couldn’t get a good rib in his newly adopted city.” Instead, “The dearth of delicious ribs in his newly adopted city of Phoenix, Arizona lead thirty-something Joe Smith to declare to anyone who would listen, ‘I need ribs and damnit it I’m gonna get some.’ From that bold statement grew Joe’s Delicious Rib Shack.” Be engaging and fun. Truly who can’t relate to moving to a new city and not being able to find your favorite food, coffee, grocery store?
  • Make it mobile. Many Gen Z’s don’t even own computers. Their “computers” are their smartphones. Whatever you’re doing on line needs to work seamlessly in the palm of their hand or they won’t stick around. What can you do to enhance the mobile experience and the user experience once they land on your site?
  • You don’t have to be a Gen Z to connect with a Gen Z consumer. They want engaging stories. They want videos. Give them how-to content. Take them behind the scenes. Give them a “life in the day” peek behind the curtain — the good, the bad and the ugly. Entertain and educate.

  Is your market the Gen Z’er? If so, know what you need to do to reach them and speak their language. 

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