Best practices and social media strategies are great! Well, they are great when you put them into practice correctly. Do you have best practices for your social media? If you’ve hired a social media contractor, do they know what your best practices are? Do they have ideas on how to implement a social media strategy that has you scratching your head? Are you making these social media mistakes? Did you even know there were ways to make a mistake on social media?

We have put together a list of items you want to avoid and flip on their heads to make them into best practices.

Avoid these social media snafus.

Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

  • Be live! Using a social media scheduler is all right sometimes. But if your followers alway see a message “posted by Hootsuite” they will know you’re not live and may think there is no rush to, or importance for, commenting. You’re not there, why should they be?
  • Respond to the negative. If someone writes, “I had such a bad customer service experience with them!” Don’t delete the comment. You don’t have to have the entire conversation on your front facing page, but at least say, “I’m sorry you had a bad experience, could I call or DM you so we can talk about it?” This lets followers know you care and that you don’t ignore issues.
  •  You may not be as funny as you think. Remember, your humor may not translate on your social media pages and could turn off a client. Think before you write. If you’re irreverent and you don’t care who knows it, then be yourself just know you might anger some people

Have you been using a scheduler all the time or ignoring critics or trying to be funny and making enemies? If so you may want to rethink these social media “strategies” and make a few changes.

If you’re not sure why your marketing and social strategies aren’t hitting the mark, contact us for a free quote and to talk about your strategy. 

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