Is TikTok here to stay? Are you using TikTok? Is it a platform that will benefit your business?

Is TikTok the “new” Periscope? Remember Periscope? We don’t know what the staying power of TikTok is, but there are more than 800 million users and many of them are thirty-four years old or younger. If that’s your demographic, then maybe your business needs to be there.

Are You Using TikTok?

Even if you don’t have the time or the desire to use TikTok you still may want to grab your business name and just “park” it until you determine whether this video-centric platform fits into your social marketing strategy.

If you decide to use it, here are some tips to make it worthwhile.

  1. Evergreen content matters. Because TikTok isn’t a chronological platform, it isn’t the place for breaking news in your industry. Use content that is useful no matter the time of day, month or year.
  2. Create videos on the TikTok app rather than uploading videos.
  3. It’s all about “in the moment” content and that means you want to be a first-person narrative. “I did this today” rather than “we or they” did this. Be personable.
  4. If you have a skill to share, share it on TikTok. This is a platform that lends itself to tutorials (think YouTube)
  5. You can post the content you’ve shared on TikTok to your other social platforms so it’s certainly not time wasted.

As mentioned, if this new video platform doesn’t fit into your social media strategy, it’s best to wait until it does. You may want to grab your name and your company’s name, but that doesn’t mean you need to jump in and add Tiktok to the other social platforms you’re managing. Don’t take on, or jump in, to a social media platform that doesn’t have a strategy behind it.

If you don’t have a social marketing strategy in place or if you’re not sure it’s working the way you want it to, reach out to us at Peak Dynamics and let’s review your marketing strategy.

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