Are customers walking through your doors? If not, you need to understand that enhancing your local SEO (search engine optimization) could be the difference between an “open” sign in the door or a “closed
sign. How powerful is your local SEO?

One way to test your marketing efforts as it relates to localized search engine optimization is to ask customers, “how did you find us?” If they say they did a Google search and your business came up — congratulations! If they heard about you from word of mouth that’s great too. But if all you’re getting is drive-by shoppers you may need to amp up your local SEO efforts.

How Powerful Is Your Local SEO?

When you are a brick and mortar business owner like a pet store or a swimming pool contractor you want to be found by means other than someone just driving past. You want to, and need to, be found in a Google search. If you’re working with someone who is helping you grow your local SEO you will know it’s working when someone says they found you in an internet search.

What does local SEO do for you? 

  1. Gets you found in an online search
  2. Gets you more foot traffic
  3. Points searchers to your Google reviews and your business location
  4. Helps you build a stronger customer base
  5. Increases revenue (and isn’t that the name of the game if you want to be profitable?)

Make today the day you do a Google search of your business. Type in “your business + your location” and see what comes up. Does your business? Does your website pop up with an easy way for a potential customer to find you? Does a Google map reside on your website?

Keeping your business and its website and products and service updated and continually current will keep you top of mind and top of a search when  new customer is looking for what you have to offer.

If you’re not certain whether your local SEO is working, or if you even have a local SEO presence, give us a call and let’s get you found! 



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