Is it time to refresh your brand? Look at your business and your brand objectively and ask yourself: has your business changed, morphed, grown and does your brand image reflect those changes? It happens. Your business expands its offerings or deletes somethings you used to offer or products you used to sell. No worries.

Take some time and ask yourself — or a trusted colleague or two and look at:

  1. Do you love your brand image?
  2. Does the your logo show the world what you do?
  3. Would your logo make sense to a potential client?
  4. Does your logo look dated?
  5. Does it reflect what you’re doing now?

If you’re not sure about the answers to these questions or if they give you pause, it might be time to revamp your colors, logos and even your tagline.

Is It Time To Refresh Your Brand?

Talk with a branding expert and ask:

  1. How to get your brand to reflect who you are and what you do
  2. Ask how to have the brand logo and color reflect the company mission
  3. Did you start out as a solo operation in a single location and now you’re nationwide or international?
  4. Are your fonts outdated?
  5. Do your colors reflect the mood you’re trying to foster in clients
  6. Did you have your logo developed by a friend or a college intern and you really need to make it more professional?
  7. Did your original logo and colors and fonts come about because of a trend? If so, it’s time to get more current, right?

If you’re not even certain whether you need to do any of the steps we’ve mentioned above, spend some of your marketing budget and reach out to a branding expert and ask for a consultation. Check with your local networking groups and see if they have any graphic designers or brand consultants there that you could work with. Reach out to us and we can also assist you.


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