Are you selling products or services? Do you use a landing page to offer those? Are your landing pages converting? If no, why not? Do you take a step back and look at the content and the user experience from a visitor perspective? Does the visitor know what to do when she lands on your landing page? Is the copy compelling and is the call to action clear?

A landing page could very well be the first impression someone has of your business and you need to put as much time and thought into it as you do your website pages. We have five ways to write killer landing page copy that converts.

Are Your Landing Pages Converting?

A landing page should not only spur action, but it should be fun and the copy clear. Don’t be coy with your copy. You want a visitor to your landing page to think,  “Where have you been all my life? I need to buy/work with/download this right now!” Here are our tips to copy on a landing page that will help it convert to sales.

  1. Clarity counts. Be simple. Don’t make them struggle to figure out, “what exactly is it they do?” or “what exactly will I get if I click?” Give them an easy to follow road map and understand what you have to sell and what they have to do.
  2. Competitive advantage. What are you offering that the competition isn’t? Don’t sell on “customer service” or “lowest price in town.” Every business believes it excels at customer service. And do you really want to be the cheapest game in town? People will begin to believe they are getting what they pay for and may not value what they get from you.
  3. Be compelling. Your sales copy should be fun, and dare we say — sexy! You don’t want someone to fall asleep before they get to your call to action. You want to intrigue and entice AND more importantly get them to buy.
  4. Be compassionate. What pain points are your customers suffering? How can your product make them feel better? Know their pain points and make sure your product or service will address them.
  5. Be open. Tell your business story. If everyone is selling widgets do I want to buy from someone who says, “buy my widgets?” or would I be more likely to buy from someone who shares how the widget factory has been in the family for more than three generations and that you, yourself, started working at the reception desk when you were five? I want to buy from the widget maker who not only worked the reception desk, but is carrying on the tradition.

What is your sales page conversion rate? If you need help with compelling copy, we have a copywriter on staff who can assist. We can also help determine why it’s not converting and how you can make that happen.

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