We work with so many clients that have a mistaken idea of “how” social media needs to be “done.” Social media isn’t a one-size-fits all strategy. Your strategy hinges on the market in which you work, the audience with whom you want to work and your messaging. Don’t make these social media mistakes because you will be constantly in catch-up mode.

Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes

You could have an amazing social media campaign set up. Your funnels are in place. You have a rigid schedule for posting your messages. And you hear… crickets. What happened?

  1. You’re posting based on quantity over quality. Posting one amazing post a week is better than posting five mediocre posts. Meeting a posting quota is not the way to engage with customers.
  2. Your social media operates in a vacuum. Is your social media manager communicating with the marketing department? Are they talking with the sales team? Do they know what the public relations team is doing? Your teams should work together to not only put a cohesive plan in place, but to make sure they are posting complementary content – not competing with one another.
  3. Metrics matter, BUT they are not the be all and end all. You want to track metrics, but you want to track the correct metrics. What are your goals with social media? Shares? Comments? Click throughs? Eyes on the posts? Know what you want to achieve then put a strategy in place to achieve it.
  4. Not all platforms are created equal. The type of post that works on Facebook may flop on LinkedIn and vice versa. Know the platform. Know what the audience wants on that platform and give ‘em what they want.
  5. Ask employees and your vendors to interact. If your employees know what’s going on on the company social media pages, they can work that into their conversations with customers and potential customers. Ask them to like, share and comment.

Is your social media content measuring up? Do you know what measurements you’re seeking? If you’re struggling with social content and its metrics, reach out we can help.

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