When your company blog posts go live do you have a hive of activity or is it just… crickets? If you’re hearing nothing but crickets we have some tips to on how to build an audience for your blog. Remember, consistency and time are keys to building a blog audience so don’t give up.

How To Build An Audience For Your Blog

Your blog should be the hub of all of your social activity. A blog post can feed your social media pages, fill your newsletter and keep your website relevant in a Google search. Here are ways to build your blog audience:

  1. Have an editorial calendar. The time you put into building an editorial calendar will be time you save when it comes time to sit down and write a blog post. Your editorial calendar should have space for trending topics, upcoming holidays, industry-specific holidays and topics that answer questions your clients and prospects ask.  An editorial calendar can be as elaborate or as simplistic as you like — from a spreadsheet to an online platform to topics written in a notebook. Developing a calendar and filing it with specific story ideas will keep the content flowing.
  2. Create content your readers want to read. If you’re merely blogging about trending topics that aren’t relevant to your industry or your business, why are you writing it? Your readers need to know the content you’re creating is high quality and will address one of their pain points. Offer a solution. Be the go-to expert.
  3. Use your content to fuel your company newsletter. If you have a newsletter that regularly reaches your clients or prospects it will help you stay front of mind. Your blog posts can be fodder for newsletter content. Adding a teaser sentence or two and a link back to your site and that particular blog post will keep traffic coming to your blog and the blog posts will fill the newsletter. It’s a win-win. You will want to create a lead magnet that will entice a visitor to your site to give up his or her name and email address. Make sure your lead magnet is valuable and not a throwaway.

How frequently are you blogging? Are you getting interaction on your posts? Are you sharing your blog content on your social platforms? How built-out is your newsletter platform and your lead magnet? If you’re not clear on a strategy for these items, contact us, we can help.

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