Are you, and your business on, every social media platform available? If so, are your profiles optimized on each and every one of the platforms? If you’re not optimizing your profiles you are doing your business more harm than good. This also holds true if you’re on every platform available but are not using them regularly.

Tips To Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

If you’re going to be on a social media platform — whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat or YouTube, etc. you need to be certain your there because your ideal client is there. Now onto optimizing your profiles:

  1. Choose a great photo. Don’t hide behind a company logo. Don’t take a selfie. Don’t take a photo in front of a background that is so “busy” that a potential client wouldn’t recognize you on the street. Get a professional headshot or at least have a friend take a really great photo of you that you can use.
  2. Make it quite clear what you do, and for whom you do it. Don’t be coy or play with acronyms on your social media profiles. Come right out and say, “Dog groomer for hire,” or “Swimming pool builder for hire.” Be direct, clear and concise.
  3. Fill out the profile fully. Many platforms offer various spaces for you to add information and flesh out your bio. Complete all of them as fully as possible. If you are a work from home individual and don’t want to give out your street address at least give a city and state in the location. Fill in your company description and if you have the option for a short bio and a longer one — use them both.
  4. Make your profile searchable by using keywords in your bio. On Twitter, for example, you can use hashtags to help you and your business get found. #PoolService, #Blogger, etc. If you run a local business or have a storefront, make sure you use locator words to help your business get found.
  5. Let people know your business hours — this is especially true if you have a brick and mortar business.

 The most important tip is to be active on the social platforms that you have deemd best for your business. 

Action item: Take time today to assure your social profiles are complete.

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