How To Connect With Customers Online is something our clients ask us regularly. There is no magic bullet to building online connections and relationships. In fact, for many people they find building online relationships and connecting with customers on line is easier than going to a networking event.

How To Connect With Customers Online

  1. Use Instagram wisely. Does your business lend itself to Instagram? If you have beautiful images, then yes, it does! “Claim” hashtags that are relevant to your business and use Instagram. Only set up an account if you know you can devote time and resources to it. There’s nothing worse than a business who starts a page then doesn’t populate it.
  2. Why are you using social media and does your SEO feed that strategy? Know the search engine keywords you want for your business and use them in your blog posts, your social media updates, in hashtags and in your social media profiles.
  3. If you want your business to succeed online, you can’t just sell to customers — you have to actually connect with them. Luckily, there are tons of different ways you can do this. And members of our small business community are well versed in all of those different techniques. Check out some of their top tips below.
  4. If you’re in Facebook Groups, be active there. If you’re not active, remove yourself. Only accept invitations to groups that you know will benefit you. Read the rules of the group and abide by them.
  5. If you have a local business or a storefront, use local keywords, connect with potential local customers through relevant hashtags and by using Facebook ads that are geographically targeted.
  6. Who is your audience? You need to be completely clear on your audience before you can effectively market to them.

Have a complete content marketing strategy in place before you jump into social media. Social media and your business’s marketing strategy should be a puzzle in which all of the pieces fit together to form a whole marketing picture. If you’re missing pieces in your marketing puzzle, let us know — we can help.







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