Do you know how to create a great sales landing page? Do you know and understand the benefit of a great sales landing page to your company and its product? Whether you’re launching a new product, trying to build your newsletter list or re-launch an old product, having a great sales landing page, is the first step in drawing people into your funnel.

How To Create A Great Sales Landing Page

Here are some of the elements that should go into your sales landing page. Remember, it doesn’t have to boring or too “salesy” to be effective — in fact being too much of either will probably leave a bad taste in a potential client’s mouth.

  1. What is the value proposition you’re offering? What pain point are you trying to take away from a client? Tell them in plain langague how your product or service will alleviate that pain. Your sales page is all about them. It’s not about how great you or your product is, it is about how your product or service will make them feel better. Focus on the reader.
  2.  Be clear with the offer. Don’t have the potential client scratching his head and wondering what exactly you’re trying to say or sell. Be clear. Be direct.
  3. Social proof is your best proof. Do you have testimonials? Do you have facts and figures to back up your claims?
  4. Anticipate a client’s questions and answer them before they have to ask.
  5. Don’t forget the all important call to action. If you get someone to your landing page and they aren’t clear what the next steps are, they will simply leave without taking action. Hold their hand and lead them to the “buy now” or “schedule now” or “lean more” button.

 Do your sales pages convert? Do you A-B test until you’ve struck the right chord? 

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